Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green Lenses

Woot! I'm getting back to blogging and my camera usb in now found! That already made my day:)

Today I bring you my review on the FAMOUS Bambi/Princess Mimi lenses by Tsubasa Masuwaka! I ordered my pair from Fobby Barbie.

Lense Information-
Brand: Geo Medical
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 15 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Life Span: 1 year

Color/ Design 5/5-
 The starburst pattern of the lenses is beautiful. It has a black limbal ring with spokes coming out from it, then fades from an "apple" green to a golden yellow. The green doesn't appear to be an apple green shade on my brown eyes, but it looks gorgeous nontheless. You can see the color in sunlight, but it isn't as vibrant in natural lighting.

Enlargement 5/5-
These are big lenses and do make your eyes appear bigger. I am so happy these lenses didn't make me look bug-eyed, but actually dolly-like and natural.

Comfort 4.5/5-
For the most part, these are very comfy. I will fill them at random times in the day which is kind of uncomfortable, but then I won't feel them at all! Also, I have worn these for 12 hours before and they felt fine (but you shouldn't be wearing them for that long in the first place!). I have to rehydrate my eyes at least once every time I wear them. This happens around 4 hours of wear, where my eyes start to feel dry and get red.

Overall 5/5-
Everything about these lenses have made me fall in love with them, especially the color and enlargement! My friends were surprised by my lenses and loved them, too ;^^ ('Are your eyes really green or are those contacts?!' 'They look like an explosion in your eyes!' LOL) I'm glad I chose these as my first lenses.

Recommend?: YES.

I couldn't help it.
 I was nervous and excited to place my first order for these circle lenses, and I'm glad I chose Fobby Barbie. They had a special (which is still going on) to buy any Princess Mimi lenses, and get free 2-3 day shipping! All together, it only costed $17.99. I thought this was a great deal. My order only took two days to process, and 3 days to ship .I'm definitely buying from here again. :)