Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Wet N Wild- Megalash Serum and Mascara

Hello:) It's time to review Wet N Wild's Megalash Serum and Mascara, so here I go.
 (See here for the product claims)

How I used the products:
  1. Layer on the Clinical Serum on my eyelashes. I put like 10 coats hahaha
  2. Let it dry and do my other makeup
  3. Curl eye lashes
  4. Coat the Clinical Mascara on my eye lashes
^^Serum Brush
I think that the serum has strengthened my lashes. Whenever I take off my makeup, my eyelashes don't come off with it as often anymore! Wooooo. Like one time, I found a very large eye lash by my nose, which scared me greatly since I didn't know where it came from. It was actually my eyelash that was grew 2 times bigger! haha.
Anyways, before trying this serum out, I used to slather on petroleum jelly on my eyelashes and in result, I grew little outer-corner eye lashes. Now those lashes are getting a tiny-weeine thicker. Which is awesometastic. The rest of my eye lashes have gotten a little longer and a little thicker. I wanted more in-yo-face-thickness, but c'mon. You can't this serum will deliver that greatness.
But OMGEE. Do NOT get this in your eyes. It burns like a mutherfudger. Trust me. This serum is a good conditioner though:)

The mascara on the other hand....

^^Mascara Brush
It is a good lengthening mascara to me. It separates my lashes nicely, so no clumps. (Unless you curl your lashes after you put the mascara on, some pieces of eye lashes might stick together.) I saw no smudging, although it is winter time in my area:) Sometimes it'll flake only a tiny bit, but as long as you don't keep touching your lashes, you won't get much flakes.
The package says that it is a lengthening mascara, so do not expect a whole lotta volume. With this mascara, you end up with a pretty, natural eyelash look, which is great to use for everyday. Also, this a non-waterproof mascara, so it comes off nice and easy with water and a facial cleaner/makeup remover.
However, I have a love&hate relationship with this mascara. Sometimes it wants to be a mean bean and not hold a curl! This might be because of the serum I use beforehand, or the mascara itself. To get a curl, I make sure the serum is fully dry then add about two coats to each eye. I noticed that the more you put on, the more the curl gets, well, uncurled. By the end of this process, I get semi-curled lashes. >.<

Oh and you may get clumps of mascara on the brush. I was to lazy to wipe off the excess mascara and it felt wasteful to do so, but please do. The brush can do its job sooo much better after. Hahahahah
Megalash Clinical serum: 3.75/5
        If it didn't burn so badly, I'd like it even more. It does fortify and condition your eye lashes (as it claims) and you even receive some a bit more length and thickness. Maybe if I continue with this product, my eyelashes will become even thicker because I think my lashes only got slightly fuller.

Megalash Clinical Mascara: 3.5/5
        This mascara, joined with the serum, has conditioned my eye lashes, to me. You don't get extra-long looking lashes, but it isn't bad for a daily use. I truly wished it would hold a curl better though!

         I would recommend the serum to someone. It does a good job keeping your lashes in shape, and a cheap alternative to many eyelash serums:)
         I would maybe recommend the mascara to someone.  This lengthening&conditioning mascara is not amazing, but pretty good.

***After about 3 or so months of having this mascara, today the stopper in the tube came off. I pushed it back into the tube when this happened. Just wanted to warn you guys if the packaging goes funking on anyone.

Hopefully this review was helpful! Has anyone else tried this yet? Did it meet your expectations? Share please!:)